Dog Shows

Dog Show 2Adelaide Dog sports and dog shows as a whole are widely known to offer some of the most interesting exhibits when it comes to dog types as well as their power and strength. However, in order for you to participate at a Adelaide dog show you have to not only acquire a purebred dog, but you will also need to prepare that dog for the challenges that come ahead.

The reality is that dog shows can be quite challenging and very demanding which is why you have to make sure that you train your dog properly for any of the dog show types you might want to adhere to. Many times, you will have to register with the breed club or kennel club in Australia if you want to showcase your dog’s beauty and strength, it all comes down to you.

The Adelaide dog shows are usually held either indoors, outdoors on groomed fields or in horse arenas where there’s a lot of space. But the true thing here is that events can have specific requirements when it comes to entry and how much preparation is needed.

The dog shows types include:

  • Fun shows which are basically created by charities for fund raising, these usually require dogs to be dressed up and they are mostly created with fun in mind.

  • Test and trial dog shows are mode demanding and they range from obedience trials to hunt tests and dock jumping. All of these will show the strength and preparation of a dog.

  • Conformation shows are basically devised from the breeding stock selection and they do require quite a lot of training for the handler and dog alike.

History of Dog shows around the world and in Australia

Dog shows aren’t something new, in fact the first one was held in Newcastle in 1859 and since then you can find at least 1-2 a year. In the past few decades, these shows have started to become very popular in Australia as well, not to mention that they deliver a very good, immense value with outstanding results.

Most prestigious around the world and Australia

If there’s talk about the most prestigious dog show in the world or Australia, there’s no denying that the Westminster Kennel Club Show is certainly what you want to check out. This has no less than 200 different breeds, thousands of dogs and a variety of challenges that help both viewers and contestants enjoy a one of a kind experience.

Australia does have some very interesting dog shows, ranging from the Sydney Royal Dog show to Tenterfield Terrier Club of Queensland, Afghan Hound Club of Victoria Inc and many others. All of these manage to add value and appeal to the entire experience which is something you do want to add at all times.

As a whole, you will certainly enjoy the variety of dog shows that take place all over the globe and in Australia! If you want more details on all the accredited dog shows in Australia, do check out right now and you will immediately be able to figure out which one you like!